Service Day Testimonials

“We had a wonderful day enjoying beautiful scenery in a lush tropical rainforest, while building Michigan connections and helping Lyon Arboretum in its mission to preserve endangered plant species in thePacific Basin and to restore Hawaiian ecosystems.”
– Mary Wong, JD ’84
   Honolulu Team Leader

“The event went well.  I unexpectedly encountered a friend from UM Law whom I hadn't seen in years, which was a wonderful surprise.  Reconnecting with an old friend was about the best I could have hoped for, and I think this is the kind of work that makes you feel satisfaction and connection to the community.”
- Leah Goodman, JD ’05

"The 3rd annual service day was great!!!  It was very well organized.  I appreciated the reminders that were sent so there was no confusion as to where and when the service would take place.  I thought Gleaners was a great location for the service day.  Gleaners did a great job utilizing the volunteers.  I would love to participate in future service days.  It was a nice opportunity to meet other alumni and to do a good deed at the same time.  Go Blue!"
- Karen Chadwick, JD '81

“The event at the Food Bank of Alaska was well organized and went very well.  Diane Wendlandt did a great job of organizing.  The organization "trained" us for our tasks.  My daughters came as well and had a good time helping out.  A great success and I would love to participate next year.”
– Mike Mills, JD ’87

“Despite the weather (we had cold and rain), my husband and I really enjoyed getting out and joining in the Service Day. We felt like we were really making a difference and the people that came were great.”
- Katie Marcusse, JD ’09

I was the Los Angeles team leader for the Michigan Law Service Day event.  Although I graduated in 2003, I still feel strong ties to the Law School.  This event is an excellent way to help out the community in which you live while meeting and bonding with other alumni.  The amount of effort is minimal - typically a few hours on a single day - but the rewards are immense.
- Julia Trankiem, JD '03
   Los Angeles Team Leader

My thoughts on service day are that it is a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to areas in need within our local communities and it is particularly rewarding to be able to do so on behalf of the University of Michigan Law School.  After enjoying an amazing and rewarding educational experience, it is a way for me to convey my appreciation for all that the U of M Law School experience ment to me. It is also a great way to meet other U of M law school grads in the area.  
Yasmin Elias, JD '95
   Detroit co-Team Leader

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