Service Day FAQ

What is the Michigan Law Alumni & Friends Service Day?

The importance of community service is one that has been encouraged for years at Michigan Law.  In fact, upon entrance to the Law School, giving back to the community is encouraged through a day of service for incoming students.  We know that our alumni are also very active in their communities and we want to support that through a day of service with alumni, friends, family, and current students. 

Our mission is for alumni volunteers to come together to serve their local communities while representing the Michigan Law School and reconnecting with fellow alums.  Our service day is organized around a project that can make a difference in a day in their communities.  Whether you are planting a community garden; painting a public school; sorting food in a food bank; helping the homeless; rehabbing a home; or cleaning a river you are sure to have an excellent time while lending a hand to a worthy organization. 

How can I get involved?

The success of our service day activities lies in our alumni, friends, and family that volunteer in participating areas throughout the nation.  Every hand makes a difference in the organizations that we serve.  Please check our locations to see if there is a day of service planned in your area. 

Why isn’t my city or area listed?

We rely on volunteer Team Leaders to coordinate our service day activities with administration support from our office.  If your city is not listed and you are interested being a Team Leader, please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information to begin planning a day of service in your area.

In addition, the University of Michigan’s Alumni Association coordinates days of service with their chapters nationwide on the same date.  A visit to their site may show an activity in your area planned should there not be one currently planned with Michigan Law.

Can my family and friends participate?

Most definitely!  The Michigan Law Alumni & Friends Service Day is open to friends and family of our alumni community.  These events are a wonderful opportunity to introduce families to community service.  In fact, many of our participating locations involve activities that are family friendly and several may be appropriate for young children. 

Why is Service Day only offered on one date?

We coordinate our Service Day on the same date as the University of Michigan’s Alumni Association day of service.  Historically, they have selected their date based on the University’s commencement to build a sense of community with Michigan alumni both on and off campus. 

How are the organizations selected for Service Day?

Selection of organizations for Service Day comes from suggestions from Team Leaders, past volunteers, and interested alums.  The arrangement between Michigan Law and various service organizations around the country for Service Day is intended as a one-day partnership to carry out specific functions that benefit the communities where these organizations are based.  The selection of these groups, and the volunteer involvement of Michigan Law alumni, does not imply that the Law School approves or sanctions all viewpoints represented by these organizations, nor should these arrangements be construed as such approval. 

If you have questions or suggestions for future service day activities, please feel free to contact Laura Gray in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 734-615-4535 or at  

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