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Van Putten, Mark

Public Interest/Public Service Faculty Fellow
Winter 2016

1045 Legal Research

Professor Mark Van Putten, '82, has 30 years of experience in environmental policymaking and nonprofit organizational leadership at the international, national, regional, and local levels. He is founder and president of ConservationStrategy® LLC, an environmental strategy and organizational development consulting firm. Prior to founding ConservationStrategy in 2003, Professor Van Putten spent more than 20 years on the staff of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America's largest membership-based environmental group, including nearly eight years as president and CEO. Earlier, he founded and led NWF's Great Lakes regional office and Michigan Law's Environmental Law Clinic. Professor Van Putten graduated magna cum laude from Michigan Law, and has taught courses and seminars on environmental law and policy at the Law School and U-M's School of Natural Resources and Environment, where he currently serves as a member of the visiting committee. In 2008, Professor Van Putten served on President Obama's Department of Interior transition team. He also has served as a visiting scholar with the Energy and Climate Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, D.C. On the 30th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, Professor Van Putten was named one of 30 American "Clean Water Heroes."


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