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Recent Publications

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Explaining Race Gaps in Policing: Normative and Empirical Challenges. U of Michigan Law & Economics Research Paper No.15-003. Working Paper.
Full Text: MLaw Repository | SSRN‚Äč

"Understanding Violent-Crime Recidivism." Benjamin Pyle and J.J. Prescott, co-authors. Notre Dame L. Rev. (Forthcoming 2020).
Full Text: SSRN

"Expungement of Criminal Convictions: An Empirical Study." J. J. Prescott, co-author. Harv. L. Rev. 133 (Forthcoming).
Full Text: SSRN

"Ban the Box, Criminal Records, and Racial Discrimination: A Field Experiment." Amanda Agan, co-author. Q.J. Econ. 133, no. 1 (2018): 191-235.
Full Text: SSRN | WWW

"The Effect of Criminal Records on Access to Employment." A. Agan, co-author. Am. Econ. Rev. 107, no. 5 (2017): 560-64.
Full Text: MLaw Repository | WWW

"The Odds of Justice: Actuarial Risk Prediction and the Criminal Justice System." Chance 29, no. 1 (2016): 49-51.
Full Text: T&F online (UMich users) | T&F online

"Testing Racial Profiling: Empirical Assessment of Disparate Treatment by Police." U. Chi. Legal F. (2016): 485-531.
Full Text: MLaw Repository | HEIN (UMich users) | HEIN | Lexis | Westlaw | WWW
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