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Recent Publications

"The Story of Sturges v. Bridgman: The Resolution of Land Use Disputes Between Neighbors." In Property Stories. 2d ed., edited by G. Korngold and A. P. Morriss, 11-42. New York: Thomson Reuters / Foundation Press, 2009.

Review of Revolutionary Lawyers, Sinn Féin and the Crown Courts in Ireland and Britain, 1916-1923, by D. Foxton. Law Q. Rev. 125 (2009): 184-7.

"The Reflections of a Craftsman." In Tom Bingham and the Transformation of the Law: A Liber Amicorum, edited by M. Andenas and D. Fairgrieve, 193-205. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 2009.

"The Pitcairn Prosecutions An Assessment of Their Historical Context by Reference to the Provisions of Public International Law." D. Kritsiotis, co-author. In Justice, Legality, and the Rule of Law: Lesson from the Pitcairn Prosecutions, edited by D. Oliver, 93-129. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009.

"The Killing of the Prisoners at Agincourt and a Movement from Contract to Status." In A Simple Common Lawyer: Essays in Honour of Michael Taggart, edited by D. Dyzenhaus et al., 293-312. Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2009.

"A Decision Per Incuriam." Law Q. Rev. 125 (2009): 433-9.

"Anti-Social Behaviour Orders in the United Kingdom." In Law and Democracy in the Empire of Force, edited by H.J. Powell and J.B. White, 230-7. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Univ. of Michigan Press, 2009.
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