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Supplemental Sources of Financial Aid

Supplemental sources of financial aid provide more than $100,000 of support to Michigan Law students every year. Any external aid law students receive will reduce the amount of loans they might otherwise be required to borrow, and with the average loan obligation increasing as it has, a bit of effort now may reduce future indebtedness. We offer this listing of possible external sources of financial assistance to make the search easier.

This website was prepared using reference material available at Rackham Graduate School and at the Ann Arbor Public Library, by keeping a record of supplemental financial aid sources awarded to our students over the years, and by keeping a file of all information sent directly to the Financial Aid Office by potential scholarship donors.

This guide is by no means exhaustive. Independent research may prove useful to you. Check with the local bar association in your hometown and with any organization or employer with which you or your family is affiliated. Some undergraduate colleges offer financial aid to their students going on to graduate study, and alumni associations may also have scholarship programs.

Minimal detail is provided for the aid sources listed in this guide, because deadline dates, selection criteria, the application process, and other details change faster than we can update this information. Please write each individual source for complete, up-to-date details. When using this guide, please be sure to refer to all categories for which you might be eligible. If you notice errors, such as a program that no longer exists or has moved to a new address, or if you know of other aid sources not listed in this guide, please bring them to our attention. If you receive financial aid from an external source, please inform our office so we can add the source to this listing, to our annual report, and to your financial aid record.

Good luck in your search!

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