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         The University of Michigan Law School

Winter 2013 Footnotes

As of 6/24/2018 5:52:32 AM

(Pre-requisites and co-requisites are included when applicable.)

35.Winter Term--First-year students (Fall Starters) cannot elect this course or seminar as the first-year elective.

114.#645 CRIMINAL PROCEDURE SURVEY:   #530 Criminal Law is a pre-requisite.

173.Students who have taken #645 CRIMINAL PROCEDURE SURVEY may not elect either #641 CRIMINAL JUSTICE:  ADMINISTRATION OF POLICE PRACTICES or #641 CRIMINAL JUSTICE: INVESTIGATION & POLICE PRACTICES or #643 CRIMINAL PROCEDURE:  BAIL TO POST CONVICTION REVIEW or vice versa.  However, see the partial exception described in footnote #174, which applies to #645/002 for the Winter 2013 term only.

174.#645/002 CRIMINAL PROCEDURE SURVEY:  Students who have taken #643 Criminal Proc: Bail to Post Conviction Review in a term prior to Winter 2013 and who have not previously taken #641 Criminal Justice: Investigations and Police Practices are eligible to take #645/002 Criminal Procedure Survey.  Students enrolled in #645/002 will receive three (3) credits instead of the usual four (4) credits to account for the fact that they will have already covered part of the material taught in #643 Criminal Proc: Bail to Post Conviction Review.  Students enrolled in #645/001 Criminal Procedure Survey will be graded separately from students enrolled in #645/002.  This additional section of #645/002 will only be offered in the Winter 2013 term.