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The University of Michigan Law School

         The University of Michigan Law School

Fall 2012 Footnotes

As of 6/22/2018 5:49:25 AM

(Pre-requisites and co-requisites are included when applicable.)

51.#635 CORPORATE FINANCE and #650 CORPORATE FINANCE TUTORIAL:  Because Law 635 and Law 650 are so closely related, when both classes are offered in the same term, these two classes are treated as a single class for purposes of converting a letter grade to a "Pass."  This does not obligate any student to convert a letter grade to a P in both classes.  Rather, students may exercise conversion option for neither, one or both classes.

135.#635 CORPORATE FINANCE:  Finance majors and students holding MBA’s with a finance concentration are not permitted to enroll in the course, because it is intended for law students with no prior background in finance.  Students who were not finance majors or who do not have MBA’s with a finance concentration but who nonetheless have some finance background should communicate with Professor Beny to determine whether these courses are appropriate for them.

136.#635 CORPORATE FINANCE:  #657 Enterprise Organization or #723 The Public Corporation is strongly recommended, particularly for those students without a business background.