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The University of Michigan Law School

         The University of Michigan Law School

Course List

As of 4/9/2020 5:10:17 AM

This listing provides links to descriptions of currently scheduled and/or recently offered courses. Please refer to the Office of Student Records homepage for further details on current offerings. To select a course description, click on the appropriate link below:

First Year Required

​Most of the work for the first year is required. There are several reasons for this. One reason is that there are some basic principles which any serious and thoughtful student would choose to study early in his or her career. The study of this fairly traditional material has become one of the experiences shared by almost all lawyers. Also, knowledge of all the materials to which the student is exposed makes it somewhat easier for first-year instructors to plan a program which minimizes overlapping presentations. By restricting elections in the first year, the School is able to keep the first-year students together in groups of about 75-80. The logistics of scheduling large groups is much more manageable under restricted elections than it would be in an environment in which elections varied widely.

The required curriculum is presented to four sections of students. One section begins in early summer; the other three sections begin in early fall. Courses include:

510   Civil Procedure
520   Contracts
530   Criminal Law
540   Intro to Constitutional Law
598   Legal Pract:Writing & Analysis
593   Legal Practice Skills I
594   Legal Practice Skills II
580   Torts

First Year Elective

To complete the first-year program, students who began their studies in the fall term must choose a three- or four-credit elective. (Students who began in the summer are unlimited in their choice of electives.) In the recent past, that group has included the following courses:

751   Accounting for Lawyers
647   Business Law in China
659   Capital Markets Regulation
505   Chinese Law
505   Chinese Law&Legal Institutions
671   Climate Change Law
652   Commercial Law: Sec Trans&Mtgs
586   Conflict of Laws
680   Constitutionalism in S Africa
633   Copyright
635   Corporate Finance
723   Corporate Lawyer: Law & Ethics
645   Criminal Procedure Survey
578   Critical Issues in Law&Develop
638   Electronic&Class Action Discov
796   Empirical Methods
710   Employee Benefits & Exec Comp
653   Employment Discrimination
791   Environmental Crimes
679   Environmental Law and Policy
669   Evidence
673   Family Law
781   FDA Law
675   Federal Antitrust
681   First Amendment
684   Health Law
737   Higher Education Law
687   Immigration and Nationality
702   Insurance Law and Policy
766   Int'l Commercial Arbitration
682   Int'l Environment Law & Policy
602   Int'l Investment Law
577   Intellectual Property Survey
630   International Law
714   K-12 Education Law
699   Labor Law
731   Legal Ethics & Prof Resp
569   Legislation and Regulation
707   Mass Media Law
797   Model Rules and Beyond
508   Modern Amer Legal History
536   Nat'l Security & Civ Liberties
727   Patent Law
779   Prisons and the Law
560   Property
518   Race and the Law
514   Race Law Stories
738   Remedies
745   Sex Equality
792   Sports Law
747   Taxation of Individual Income
760   Trademarks and Unfair Comp
755   Trusts and Estates I
793   Voting Rights / Election Law
975   Workers' Rights Clnc Research

Upper Class

After the first year, the curriculum is almost entirely elective. However, all students must take at least one offering that satisfies each the upper-level writing requirement, the professional responsibility requirement. the International or Comparative Law Course Distribution Requirement, and the Statutory or Regulatory Course Distribution Requirement. Students must also complete two credits in experiential courses (see Clinic, Practice Simulation, and Externship classes listed in the sections below).

768   21st C. Infrastr/Lawyer's Role
751   Accounting for Lawyers
601   Administrative Law
648   Advanced Constitutional Interp
774   Advanced Topics in Int'l Tax
701   Africa in the Global Leg Syst
748   Art Law
637   Bankruptcy
704   Blockchain and the Law
616   Bloodfeuds
660   Boundaries of Citizenship
596   Business Basics for Lawyers
548   Business Economics for Lawyers
647   Business Law in China
659   Capital Markets Regulation
646   Chinese Constitutionalism
505   Chinese Law&Legal Institutions
671   Climate Change Law
652   Commercial Law: Sec Trans&Mtgs
668   Communications Law
756   Comparative Hum Rgts Law
716   Complex Litigation
500   Computer Crimes
586   Conflict of Laws
680   Constitutionalism in S Africa
722   Consumption Taxes
633   Copyright
611   Corporate Compliance:Pol&Pract
527   Corporate Criminality
635   Corporate Finance
723   Corporate Lawyer: Law & Ethics
750   Corporate Reorganization
749   Corporate Taxation
641   Crim Just: Invest&Police Prac
643   Crim Pro:Bail to Post Con Rev
645   Criminal Procedure Survey
605   Crimmigration
578   Critical Issues in Law&Develop
620   Disability Rights
790   Early Amer Legal History
638   Electronic&Class Action Discov
796   Empirical Methods
710   Employee Benefits & Exec Comp
653   Employment Discrimination
609   Employment Law
657   Enterprise Organization
658   Entertainment Law
791   Environmental Crimes
679   Environmental Law and Policy
507   Equal Prot: Race, Rights, Rem.
665   Estate and Gift Tax
664   European Union Law
669   Evidence
673   Family Law
781   FDA Law
675   Federal Antitrust
677   Federal Courts
624   Federal Criminal Law
686   Federal Indian Law
709   Financial Regulation
681   First Amendment
763   Foreign Affairs
516   Formation of the Common Law
670   Gender Law and Policy
788   Habeas Corpus
684   Health Law
737   Higher Education Law
780   Human Rights: Themes and Var
687   Immigration and Nationality
787   Impact of Hum Rts on Int Law
702   Insurance Law and Policy
766   Int'l Commercial Arbitration
502   Int'l Corp Governance
682   Int'l Environment Law & Policy
602   Int'l Investment Law
577   Intellectual Property Survey
506   Internal Investigations
576   International Bankruptcy
678   International Finance
717   International IP
630   International Law
694   International Litigation
724   International Refugee Law
691   International Tax
695   International Trade Law
631   Intro Con Law & Am Legal Pro
644   Intro to Inc Tax of Business
697   Intro to US Tax Law
700   Japanese Law
693   Jurisdiction and Choice Of Law
718   Jurisprudence
714   K-12 Education Law
699   Labor Law
777   Law and Development
778   Law and Development Research
672   Law and Public Health
711   Law of the Internet
621   Law&Pol'y Trade Invest LatinAm
731   Legal Ethics & Prof Resp
569   Legislation and Regulation
708   Local Government
698   Making of Civil Law
549   Management & Orgs for Lawyers
546   Marketing for Lawyers
642   Mass Incarceration
707   Mass Media Law
705   Mergers and Acquisitions
797   Model Rules and Beyond
508   Modern Amer Legal History
544   Narrative Skills and the Law
536   Nat'l Security & Civ Liberties
575   Natural Resources Law
547   Operations for Lawyers
726   Partnership Tax
727   Patent Law
782   Philosophy of Law: Sel Topics
779   Prisons and the Law
742   Prisons and the Law Colloq
560   Property
735   Public Control of Land Use
518   Race and the Law
514   Race Law Stories
738   Remedies
762   Reproductive Justice
696   Rsrch and Analysis in Amer Law
515   Sales and Secured Financing
743   Securities Regulation
799   Senior Judge Seminar
794   Senior Judge Seminar II
745   Sex Equality
792   Sports Law
720   Stockholder Litigation
746   Tax of Financial Instruments
747   Taxation of Individual Income
739   Title IX and Higher Education
760   Trademarks and Unfair Comp
606   Transnational Law
600   Transnational Law Colloquium
755   Trusts and Estates I
519   UN & Other Int'l Orgs
793   Voting Rights / Election Law
634   Water Wars/Great Lakes


​The distinctive feature common to all seminars is the small number of students ordinarily enrolled. Most seminars require substantial student writing. Some are of an intensely practical, semi-clinical nature; others are topical, involving close study of matters of contemporary interest. All seminars reflect the personal academic interests of faculty members. The list of seminars offered each year is highly fluid, as faculty members are free to present topics reflecting their current research interests. About 20 seminars are offered in both the fall and winter terms. A list follows of recently offered seminars.

808   Adv Topics in Statutory Interp
802   Adv Topics in Torts, Ins, Comp
809   Anatomy of a Deal
854   Anti-corruption Law & Practice
484   Antitrust Hot Topics
477   Antitrust: Merger Hot Topics
655   Business Dev for Associates
806   Chinese Corporation
847   Civil Rights Advocacy
410   Clean Energy Law & Envt Const
841   Consent and Coercion
892   Contract Theory
883   Crafting a Career in the Law
829   Cur Issues in Public Law Litig
850   Defamation
488   Documentary and the Law
413   Emerging Issues in Poverty Law
805   Environmental Justice
881   Ethics, Justice & Int'l Law
844   Evolution of Energy Law
818   Faking It
863   Forensic Science and the Law
888   Global Animal Law
894   Good Life/Government
409   Gun Control
866   Health Reform &Related Controv
403   Housing Law and Policy
464   Human Dignity
626   Immigrant Justice Lab
884   Impact Economy
846   Impact Litigation
857   Income Tax Treaties
839   Innovation in Life Sciences
831   Int'l Commercial Transactions
827   Intellectual Property Workshop
832   International Criminal Law
420   International IP
440   International Law Workshop
811   International Project Finance
820   IP Law: Future of Publishing
812   Islamic Law
835   Law & Econ Development: India
861   Law and Economics Workshop
804   Law and Finance
898   Law and Psychiatry Crossroads
482   Law and Theology
435   Law Firm Careers/Evolv Prof
450   Law in Rural America
877   Law in Slavery and Freedom
838   Law of Armed Conflict
459   Law&Hist:Econ Instit of Capit
869   Legal Chall for an Aging Popul
851   Legal History Workshop
873   Legislation
478   Policing and Public Safety
849   Pro Bono and BigLaw
834   Problems in Const'l Theory
408   Public Interest Litig Ethics
815   Public Law Workshop
845   Refugee Rights Workshop
859   Religious Liberty
469   Reproductive Justice
889   Roman Law
438   Secrecy and Transparency
875   Sel Topics in 4th Amend Law
493   Sexual Harassment in Empl&Educ
404   SexualOrien/GenderID & the Law
473   Startups: Law & Business
878   State Supreme Court Practice
860   Student Scholarship Workshop
445   Sustainability and Int'l Trade
424   Tax Policy Seminar
833   Tax Policy Workshop
436   The Rule of Law
836   The United Nations
407   Theories of Rights
439   Title IX and Higher Education
423   Topics in Art Law
425   Topics in Criminal Law Theory
441   Topics/ Surveillance: Law&Tech
801   Trolley Problem/ Moral Puzzles
821   Unjustified Enrichment
422   US Asylum Practice
822   Women, Peace and Security


Certain aspects of being a lawyer, particularly those which require interpersonal and performance skills as well as understanding of certain legal institutions, are appropriately taught in a clinical setting. In such programs, students can learn not only from discussing and analyzing theories of practice, but also by working with lawyer role models and by supervised involvement in actual cases. The Law School provides a variety of clinical opportunities for its students.

980   Advanced Clinical Law
910   Child Advocacy Clinic
911   Child Advocacy Clinic Seminar
929   Child Welfare Appellate Clinic
901   Civil Rights Litig Initiative
921   Civil-Criminal Litig Clnc Sem
920   Civil-Criminal Litigation Clnc
955   Community Enterprise Clinic
956   Community Enterprise Clnc Sem
927   Crim Appellate Practice
928   Criminal Appel Pract Field
993   Entrepreneurship Clinic
994   Entrepreneurship Clinic Sem
930   Envt'l Law & Sustain Clinic
931   Envt'l Law & Sustain Clnc Sem
972   Federal Appel Litig Clnc I
973   Federal Appel Litig Clnc II
951   Human Trafficking Clinic
954   Human Trafficking Clinic Sem
907   Int'l Transactions Clinic
906   Int'l Transactions Clinic
952   Juvenile Justice Clinic
953   Juvenile Justice Clinic Sem
933   Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic
934   Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic Sem
976   Michigan Innocence Clinic
977   Michigan Innocence Clinic Sem
958   Pediatric Advoc Clinic
959   Pediatric Advoc Clinic Sem
966   Transactional Lab & Clinic
957   Transactional Lab & Clinic Sem
975   Unemployment Insurance Clnc II
978   Veterans Legal Clinic
979   Veterans Legal Clinic Seminar
974   Workers' Rights Clinic I
981   Workers' Rights Clinic: Litig
912   Workers' Rights Clinic: Policy
975   Workers' Rights Clnc Research
984   Workers' Rts Clinic:Supv&Litig
985   Workers' Rts Clnc:Supv&Lit Sem

Practice Simulation

608   Advanced Legal Research
612   Alt Dispute Resolution
617   Anatomy of a Commercial Trial
730   Appellate Advoc:Skills & Pract
448   Business Planning
807   Civil Rights Litigation
479   Collective Bargain&Arbitration
736   Consumer Class Actions
676   Contracting in Complex Transac
486   Couns & Advocacy in Antitrust
627   Dialogue Across Difference
733   Editing & Advocacy: Litigation
662   Editing & Advocacy: Transac
622   Editing and Advocacy
405   Envir Admin Law Practicum
428   Evidence Practicum
417   Fair Housing Practicum
429   Federal Prosecution & Defense
430   Fund of Appellate Practice
719   Good with Words
656   Good with Words: Speak/Present
654   Good with Words: Writing/Edit
456   Government Relations Practicum
734   Innovation / Complex Problems
729   Innovation Platform
619   Int'l Cartel Enforcement
470   Intellectual Property Practice
489   IP & Innovation Strategy
732   Joint Ventures Practicum
703   Legal Issues/Autonomous Veh
663   Legal Tech Literacy&Leadership
663   Legal Technology & Innovation
447   Local Government Practicum
495   Negot Entrepreneurial Issues
712   Negotiation
457   Nuts /Bolts of Estate Planning
444   Patent Litigation
773   Peacemaking in State Just Sys
499   Private Equity
480   Promoting Soc Jus/Facilitation
498   Real Estate Entrepreneurship
406   Real Estate Transactions
725   Securities Reg Practicum
432   Tax Plan for Real Estate Trans
437   Tax Planning for Corp Transac
614   Tax Procedure
629   The Startup General Counsel
433   Transactional Drafting
753   Trial Advocacy/Civil
415   Trial Advocacy/Family

Study Abroad, Externship, Research

944   Advanced Externship
961   Detroit Litigation Advoc Sem
960   Detroit Litigation Advoc Wksh
949   Externship Paper
940   Full-Time Externship
941   Full-Time Externship Seminar
947   Geneva Externship
948   Geneva Externship Seminar
943   India Externship
942   Law Practicum Research
990   Part-Time Externship
991   Part-Time Externship Seminar
998   PublicSect K-12Educ Ext Pract
997   PublicSect K-12Educ Ext Sem
995   PublicSect K-12Educ Externship
900   Research
992   Research: Special Projects
945   Semester Study Abroad
946   Semester Study Abroad Paper
970   SJD Research
938   South Africa Externship
939   South Africa Externship Sem