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Course Descriptions

As of 1/17/2019 5:10:16 AM

Ethics/Thriving in Law Pract

Ethics, Responsibility, Character, and Thriving in the Practice of Law This course will address the ethical responsibilities of members of the legal profession. It will focus on the ABA Model Rules of Professional Responsibility, other sources of law governing the practice of law, and the ways in which a good and effective lawyer can and should also be a thoughtful and ethical lawyer. In addition, we will think about the professional, intellectual, and personal traits and capacities that are most central to effective and ethical lawyering. Finally, we will discuss the potential connections between professional excellence and individual thriving. These issues are often addressed under the rubric of work/life balance; but we will also try to think about whether and how good and ethical work in the law might be a part of -- rather than merely balanced against -- the living of a rich and full life.