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Course Descriptions

As of 2/22/2019 5:04:32 AM

Natural Resources Law

Natural Resources Law is a survey course providing an overview of American law having to do with the development and conservation of natural resources such as forests, minerals, fisheries, wildlife, surface water (under both prior appropriations and riparian legal systems), groundwater and wetlands. It includes the development of these resources on private and publicly-owned lands and the relevant environmental safeguards such as the National Environmental Policy Act, Federal Lands Policy and Management Act, National Forest Management Act, 1872 Mining Act, Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Management Act, Wilderness Act, Endangered Species Act and similar state laws. The course also includes an examination of the constitutional protections available to private property owners and of the administrative remedies and processes available to those who would develop and those who would preserve different types of natural resources. There are no prerequisites, although familiarity with property law, constitutional law and administrative law would be helpful.

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