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Course Descriptions

As of 6/18/2018 5:38:19 AM

Open Government

The advent of very capable and affordable information technology now makes it possible to improve the transparency of government operations, to enhance the ability of government officials to consult with a wide range of the public, and to design collaborations that had not previously been technically feasible. These possibilities are being translated into initiatives such as, which contemplates the release of much information held by government agencies that might be put to use by private parties; e-rulemaking, which allows online participating in rulemaking proceedings; and a variety of measures referred to collectively as ?government 2.0,? intended to make it easier for government officials to communicate with the public. These possibilities may require some remodeling of prior legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act, the Federal Advisory Committee Act, and the Paperwork Reduction Act, and in addition present new challenges because of disparities in access to the means by which to participate in this new information technology-based activity. This seminar will work through these issues and others that will be arising.