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Course Descriptions

As of 6/23/2018 5:50:28 AM

International Law Workshop

International Law Workshop: Justice in International Law

This seminar is a workshop in international law and international legal theory, with a focus on the question of justice. We will ask: what kinds of justice does international law seek to achieve, and how good a job does it do at this task? Among the types of justice addressed by international law are: distributive justice, seen in aspects of trade, investment, and environmental law; criminal justice, which at the core of international criminal law; just war, as addressed by the law of armed conflict; and remedial justice, which comes up in efforts to correct historical wrongs through reparations to victims or even changes in state borders. The seminar will tackle these and other kinds of justice through a series of paper presentations by leading international law scholars. Members of the workshop will read each presenter's paper, prepare short papers or questions engaging it, and then discuss it with the author. Students will also read other scholarship in international law or international legal theory, as chosen by the organizers, to help prepare for and think about the problem of justice.