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Course Descriptions

As of 9/25/2018 6:02:58 AM

Pediatric Advoc Clinic Sem

Pediatric Advocacy Clinic Seminar The Pediatric Advocacy Clinic (PAC) was one of the first medical-legal partnerships to be based in a law school clinical setting. Through this partnership, students are able to reach families most in need of legal assistance, including immigrant and Limited English Proficient (primarily Spanish-speaking) families, and become part of a team working to improve child health. Casework includes domestic violence and family law, special education, public benefits, and low-income housing. Students in the clinic are involved in all aspects of a case and learn a range of advocacy skills, from preventive legal advocacy (focusing on identifying issues at an early stage and on developing creative, multidisciplinary approaches to addressing them) to traditional litigation skills in both administrative and trial court settings. The PAC is 7 credits (4 for the seminar and 3 for the clinic) and all credits are graded. The PAC meets the New York Pro Bono requirement. The Clinic seminar fulfills the Law School's professional responsibility requirement for graduation, but does not fulfill the New York State Bar ethics requirement. For more information please contact Debra Chopp (