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Course Descriptions

As of 6/25/2018 5:56:33 AM

Int'l Dispute Resolution

The seminar will examine the definition of an international dispute; causes of international disputes; participants in international disputes and the processes for international dispute resolution: negotiation; fact-finding; mediation; conciliation; arbitration; adjudication and regional methods. It will also consider the use of force by states for the settlement of disputes and collective responses. Attention will also be given to the circumstances influencing the choice of dispute resolution processes and their effectiveness, as well as new models for dispute settlement. Case studies will be made of the processes used in attempts to settle particular international disputes: the detention of US hostages by Iran in 1979-80; the situation of East Timor; the Gulf War 1990-1 and its continuing aftermath; the dispute concerning the use of nuclear weapons. The seminar will be participatory and students will be assigned topics for class presentation.