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As of 7/26/2016 5:29:07 AM

International Arbitration

Arbitration is a crucially important form of dispute settlement for international businesses in the modern world. This course will offer a basic overview of the law of international arbitration. Topics will include: advantages and disadvantages of arbitration compared to litigation; special characteristics of arbitration agreements; enforcement of arbitration agreements; initiation of arbitration; appointment of arbitrators; rules on arbitrability; annulment of arbitral awards; and enforcement of arbitral awards. Special attention will be given to the New York Convention (the main treaty that governs international arbitration), the UNCITRAL Model Rules (as a case study set of forum rules that govern arbitrations internally), and the U.S. Federal Arbitration Act (as a case study in the domestic law that governs international arbitration externally). Frequent comparative reference will also be made to the arbitration laws of other countries throughout the world.
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