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Course Descriptions

As of 11/24/2020 5:56:31 AM

Transactional Lab & Clinic

The Transactional Lab & Clinic (TLC) provides students with an opportunity to learn contract drafting, analysis, and negotiation through live-client experience and an immersive drafting-and-feedback process. Students in TLC work for large, complex organizations based around the world, as well as small, local organizations based around the Law School; this diversity provides students with an opportunity to learn how businesspeople and lawyers, occupying a variety of positions in the global and local economy, think about and do deals. TLC includes a classroom component that involves readings, discussions, and simulations regarding the skills and knowledge that contribute to successful practice as a transactional attorney (e.g., client counseling, client development, communication, contract analysis and drafting, and project management). Outside of the classroom, students will spend a substantial amount of time working in small teams on projects, which typically include, among other matters: (1) designing and developing tools (e.g., annotated contract templates) to be used across an organization for future deals and (2) negotiating, drafting, and analyzing contracts (and other transactional documents) for present deals or other live matters. Students will work under faculty supervision, meet with faculty on a weekly basis, and interact directly and regularly with clients in connection with project work. TLC is made available for 7 credits, all of which are graded. Students must enroll in the 4 credit clinic and the 3 credit seminar, taken concurrently. Whether time spent working on TLC matters meets the New York Pro-Bono requirement depends on the client for which the student works. TLC seminar fulfills the Law School's professional responsibility requirement for graduation, but does not fulfill the New York State Bar ethics requirement.