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Winter 2020 Class Descriptions

As of 4/1/2020 5:07:04 AM

Law Firm Careers/Evolv Prof

Law Firm Careers in an Evolving Profession

Professor Hirshon's section: This seminar will expose and sensitize students to the myriad real-world considerations that will affect their legal careers in the private practice of law. It will focus on current developments within the legal profession, various law practice management issues, and will explore whether the profession is undergoing transformational change as law firms increasingly adopt business models. During the first two weeks of class students will articulate what they hope to learn about the legal profession and for the remainder of the semester, work closely with their instructor to ensure that learning. Students will read "The Curmudgeon's Guide to Practicing Law" and course materials posted on Canvas. Leaders within the legal profession will appear as guest lecturers. Grades will be primarily based upon a research paper.

Professor Bajowala's section: Law firms today bear little resemblance to those of the past. What worked yesterday to thrive in a firm will not work tomorrow due to the introduction of increased competition, rate pressures, expansion of in-house legal teams, sophistication of in-house legal operations, changes in technology and alternate providers. Join us to gain real-world skills on surviving the first 90 days in a law firm environment, creating your brand, developing business, and charting a sustainable law firm career. We will also delve into critical, existential questions about how law firms can succeed in an evolving profession, the role of technology and innovation, the trend toward specialization, and the role of wellness and inclusion. The course materials will include the book "Remaking Law Firms: Why and How" by George Beaton and Imme Kaschner, along with articles, studies and podcasts curated and posted on Canvas. National leaders within the legal profession will appear as guest lecturers. Grades will be based on a combination of reaction papers, class participation, and a final project/presentation.

2.00 hours