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Winter 2020 Class Descriptions

As of 7/13/2020 5:05:54 AM

Accounting for Lawyers

This course introduces the basic concepts and methods used in the

preparation of the four corporate financial statements (the balance

sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, and statement of

stockholders' equity). In this process, the course will also develop the

accounting treatment of specific items such as long-term assets,

inventory, sales, receivables, and debt securities. The course will use

actual corporate financial statements of Fortune 500 companies and will

provide students the tools necessary to understand such statements as

well as some of the basic footnote disclosures associated with such


Students who have substantial background in financial accounting or who

have taken classes in financial accounting are ineligible to take or

receive credit for this course for a grade. However, students who took

only an introductory class in financial accounting a significant amount

of time ago may request permission from the instructor to take the

course for a grade.

3.00 hours