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Fall 2019 Class Descriptions

As of 7/12/2020 5:00:13 AM

Corporate Criminality

This course will examine the legal and practical dimensions of attaching

criminal liability to corporate conduct. Specific areas of inquiry include:

how prosecutors determine when to seek criminal penalties against corporate

entities; the dynamics of defending corporate clients, including how to

conduct an internal investigation, and whether and when corporations should

be asked/required to waive attorney client privilege; the role played by

the United States Sentencing Guidelines in influencing business structures

and conduct; and issues arising from litigation on multiple fronts, such as

when corporations face regulatory review, potential criminal charges, False

Claims Act qui tam lawsuits, and SEC investigation all arising from the

same operative set of facts. This course is open to all, and will be

particularly useful for students who expect to work in government or at

large law firms.

Professor Hurley

3.00 hours