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Fall 2019 Class Descriptions

As of 5/31/2020 4:58:09 AM

Sel Topics in 4th Amend Law

Selected Topics in Fourth Amendment Search & Seizure Law

This seminar will address some topical issues in Fourth Amendment search and seizure law. The primary set of questions we'll address are driven by, but aren't limited to, advancements in technology that enable an ever-increasing opportunity for government surveillance and information-gathering. For example, how well do existing doctrinal rules defining searches, reasonable expectations of privacy, and warrant requirements work in a world in which law enforcement can acquire more and different kinds of previously "private" information? Should any of these doctrines be changed -- and if so, by whom and in what direction? Should doctrine's goal be to protect individuals' privacy and property interests, or to cabin potential police abuses? Should we rethink the ways in which police gather information about potential criminal activity? The course will require close and careful reading of salient judicial decisions, as well as broader reading of scholarly approaches and current events/issues.

2.00 hours