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Fall 2018 Class Descriptions

As of 8/4/2020 4:57:45 AM

Editing & Advocacy: Litigation

Editing and Advocacy: Litigation

Editing is not the same as proofreading. Proofreading involves catching typos and fixing formatting. It cultivates a host of admirable qualities--patience, thoroughness, attention to detail--but it doesn't require a whole lot of imagination. Editing, on the other hand, is a fundamentally creative act. Good editors see not just the sentence that was written but the sentence that might have been written. They must be able to look past words that don't need to be there and at the same time summon up ones that haven't yet appeared. Their value comes not just from preventing mistakes but by finding a place for style, structure, voice, insight, precision, clarity--all the things that make a piece of writing persuasive and worth reading. This course will help you learn how to add that kind of value. It will focus in particular on the documents litigators write, from complaints, to discovery motions, to appellate briefs.

1.00 hours