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Winter 2018 Class Descriptions

As of 5/25/2020 5:33:09 AM

Fund of Appellate Practice

Fundamentals of Appellate Advocacy

This class will focus intensively on improving students' skills as written and oral advocates. Most of the course readings address these topics directly, although some of the readings are not specifically legal. We will spent a great deal of time discussing the fine points of effective writing, e.g., the rules set forth on pages 1-33 of The Elements of Style. Students who become bored with this sort of thing should probably not take this class. The students will also work fairly hard for their credits. Each student will brief and orally argue three cases over the course of the class. The briefs typically run 10-15 pages each. Judge Kethledge presides over the oral arguments and provides extensive (but constructive) criticism of each student's briefing and argument. The course also discusses judicial decision-making to the extent relevant to effective advocacy.

3.00 hours