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Fall 2017 Class Descriptions

As of 8/8/2020 5:24:16 AM

UN & Other Int'l Orgs

UN and other International Organizations

International organizations (IOs) like the United Nations, the World Bank, and the World Health Organization play an increasingly wide-ranging and consequential role in creating, interpreting, and security compliance with international law. IOs can help to advance international policy goals. But they can also undermine international norms (for example, by imposing sanctions on individuals without due process). And, in some cases, they can cause significant harm (for example, it appears that UN peacekeepers inadvertently introduced cholera to Haiti).

This course will address legal issues arising from the creation and operation of international organizations. In addition to the examples mentioned above, the course will consider the scope of IO immunity, when states can legally withhold funds from international organizations, whether the World Bank can -- or must -- consider human rights in its lending decisions, and whether the World Health Organization ought to have more or different authorities to respond to international outbreaks of infectious disease.

Students will be required to write two short response papers and a final paper.

3.00 hours