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Winter 2017 Class Descriptions

As of 10/23/2019 5:05:11 AM

Autonomous Vehicle Data

Autonomous Vehicle Data: Privacy, Regulatory, and Business Issues

This course is one of two new interdisciplinary problem solving pilot courses offered at the Law School in winter 2017. Graduate and professional students in business, engineering, law, and public policy are eligible to take this course.

Working as a group, students will create an operational plan and supporting documents for a hypothetical client that obtains data on autonomous vehicle activities in the course of administering an autonomous vehicle network. The client might be a municipality that operates a connected vehicle infrastructure or a commercial firm that provides technological or network services and obtains activity data as a byproduct. The project deliverable will include an analysis of opportunities and risks associated with usage of the data and various documents necessary to implement an operational plan in this space (e.g., a data privacy policy, user licenses or releases, insurance riders, or indemnification agreements). Class sessions will focus heavily on presentations or interviews with industry or academic experts. Students will also be expected to spend significant time outside of class working in teams to reach out to industry players, conduct research, draft documents, and otherwise work toward course deliverables. Although students will be broken into teams and assigned different projects, the class as a whole will work as a team to create a single deliverable.

3.00 hours