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Winter 2017 Class Descriptions

As of 2/19/2019 5:08:02 AM

International Law Fundamentals

This class will introduce students to the fundamental processes, structures, and regimes of international law. We will explore how international law is made through treaties, custom, and other processes; the rules by which it allows various actors (e.g., states, NGOs, international organizations, and corporations) to participate in international affairs; basic rules on how states can apply their laws beyond their borders; rules governing common areas like the oceans; the core of human rights law; and rules regulating a state's use of force. Each topic will be discussed through examination of a real ongoing or recent incident, controversy, or conflict. Students will be encouraged to think about how law can be made, enforced, and interpreted in an environment lacking a single legislature, executive, or judiciary. Like transnational law, this course will prove highly useful to preparing students for more specialized courses in international law.

3.00 hours