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Winter 2017 Class Descriptions

As of 7/22/2018 5:53:09 AM

Veterans Legal Clinic

The Veterans Legal Clinic offers students the opportunity to learn holistic, client-centered lawyering through representing military veterans in a broad array of civil legal matters. In addition to issues specific to this client population, such as veterans benefits cases and discharge upgrades, students will handle matters in areas that may include family law, housing, disability, employment, consumer disputes, etc. The clinic seeks to foster in its students a strong professional identity, advocacy skills, and consistent engagement in reflective, intentional practice while providing excellent legal services to a severely underserved population. Students will take the lead in all aspects of cases, including intake, investigation, written pleadings, negotiation, and court hearings. Students will also have the opportunity to interact professionally with a wide variety of social service, medical, mental health, and other providers in the effort to meet their clients' needs. The Veterans Legal Clinic meets the New York Pro Bono requirement.

Students must enroll for the 4-credit clinic and the 3-credit seminar, taken concurrently. The Veterans Legal Clinic is a 7-credit course; all credits are graded.

The Clinic fulfills the Law School's professional responsibility requirement for graduation, but does not fulfill the New York State Bar ethics requirement.

The Clinic can either fulfill the Law School's professional responsibility requirement for graduation or the credits can count toward the Experiential Learning requirement, but not both.

4.00 hours