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Fall 2015 Class Descriptions

As of 9/24/2018 5:57:24 AM

Literature for Lawyers

In this seminar we will think about how the reading of literature might help us think about our work and lives in the law. Although we will read some secondary scholarship from the "law and literature" field, our emphasis will not be on literary theory. Rather, our focus will be on the texts, and on what we might learn from both the substance of the work and the experience of reading. Some questions we will address include: Can traits and capacities nurtured through reading also be useful in our work and lives? Can literature help us better understand the impact of our work on people?s lives, including our own? Can the ways we read and think about literature illuminate the ways we might read and think about legal texts? In addition to some literature directly about the law, including at least one novel, we will read some Plato, some Shakespeare, some Robert Frost, and more. We may consider some music and or film. Students will write regular brief response papers and be expected to participate in class discussions.

2.00 hours