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Fall 2013 Class Descriptions

As of 6/20/2018 5:27:10 AM

Civil Mediation Clinic Seminar

Students will participate in a full Michigan Supreme Court Administrative

Office-approved 40-hour training in facilitative mediation. Students must

be able to participate in all days of this training. After completing

training in late October, students begin mediating actual cases. These

could involve small claims, general civil, landlord-tenant, probate, or

criminal issues. Students are expected to commit at least a half day each

week mediating. The experience is helpful for those who wish to mediate in

their careers as well as those who will focus on representing parties in


The Clinic is a 5 credit course. Students must enroll in the 3 credit clinic and the 2 credit seminar, taken concurrently. The 3 credit clinic is mandatory limited grade (pass/fail) or "S" grade; the 2 credit seminar is mandatory graded and ineligible for letter grade conversion to pass ("P") election.

The Clinic does not fulfill the Law School's professional responsibility requirement for graduation. The Clinic does not fulfill the New York State Bar ethics requirement unless students also simultaneously enroll in 402 Ethics Colloquium section 002.

2.00 hours