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Winter 2013 Class Descriptions

As of 6/20/2018 5:27:10 AM

Colloquium on Int Refugee Law

Colloquium on Challenges in International Refugee Law

This advanced seminar provides students with a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with a group of leading experts from around the world to debate a Background Study, and to devise guidelines to resolve a cutting-edge concern in international refugee law. The culmination of the shared research endeavor is the Sixth Colloquium on Challenges in International Refugee Law, provisionally to be convened in Ann Arbor on March 22-24, 2013, in which students meet with the expert collaborators. The substantive focus of the winter 2013 Colloquium is the exclusion of "terrorists" and other persons suspected of international criminality from Convention refugee status. In preparation for the Colloquium, students will carefully analyze the Expert Commentaries on the Background Study received from the experts slated to attend the Colloquium. Students will then assist to define the most fruitful subjects for discussion with our expert collaborators; devise a detailed agenda for the Colloquium; participate in the formal Colloquium discussions; and, based on consensus achieved at the Colloquium, draft proposed "Michigan Guidelines on the Exclusion of International Criminals" for the consideration of our expert collaborators. Once approved by them, the Guidelines will be published and broadly disseminated, with a view to encouraging a more coherent and principled application of relevant international refugee law standards.

2.00 hours