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Winter 2013 Class Descriptions

As of 6/23/2018 5:50:28 AM

Disability Law

In this seminar, we will engage in an in-depth examination--from a legal, normative, and policy-design perspective--of our nation's emerging legal response to disability. We will examine a number of important areas in which disability rights law has been controversial. Topics may include: the definition of 'disability' for purposes of disability rights and disability benefits law; the normative underpinnings of the ADA's mandate of 'reasonable accommodation'; possible explanations for the apparent ineffectiveness of the ADA in improving the employment rate of people with disabilities and potential alternative disability employment policies; the application of anti-discrimination and accommodation norms to various primary/secondary and higher education settings; the institutionalization and de-institutionalization of people with mental disabilities; and the application of disability discrimination law to medical treatment decisions. Grades will be based on classroom participation and a seminar paper.

2.00 hours