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Winter 2011 Class Descriptions

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Enterprise Organization

Enterprise Organization introduces the law governing the organization of business entities, including agency, partnership, limited liability companies, and corporations, including closely-held corporations. It provides a general introduction to business organizations for students who intend to pursue a wide variety of careers, not just corporate law. The duties of agents to their principals, partners to their co-partners, and directors and officers to their corporations and shareholders are covered. Some sections may cover mergers and acquisitions as well. Certain sections of Enterprise Organization will devote extra time to the study of business fundamentals to help students with no prior exposure to business concepts. Any student, regardless of prior business background, is eligible to enroll in these "business basics" sections, but it is recommended that students with some business background, either academic or practical, enroll in another section of this course or The Public Corporation. This course (or The Public Corporation) is a prerequisite for a number of advanced corporate law classes, including Corporate Criminality, Corporate Finance, International Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Securities Regulation. Students may not take both Enterprise Organization and The Public Corporation for credit.

4.00 hours
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