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The University of Michigan Law School

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Laptop Printing

Printing Status and Issues

Printing System Update for Winter 2018!
The Law School printers have been updated to again use the print-release system.  If you had installed the printers before January 9, 2018, you will need to reinstall them to print.  LawIT left the previous Xerox print queues available to give you time to update.  Starting soon, you must use the Law-Student-XeroxPrinters queue, in conjunction with your PIN or MCard to use the four student black & white Xerox printers.  We will update this information when we have a definite cutoff date, so please check back periodically.

* new macOS 10.13 High Sierra and HP printers - Feb 16, 2018
HP printers are currently having issues with Microsoft Word or PDF documents that use the Calibri font. See this link for more details:

The newest Mac printer installer (below) contains a patch to address this problem.

* new macOS 10.13 High Sierra and Xerox printers - Feb 16, 2018
Some students with macOS 10.13 have alerted us that print jobs sent to the Law-Student-XeroxPrinters queue pause and never make it to the printers. We have learned that is a known problem with the current Xerox driver and macOS 10.13.  Until Xerox releases newer driver software, there is a work-around which involves clearing out the printer queue.  LawIT has created an automated program that will do this for you whenever you run into this problem.

Law students can download a printer installation program that will install the Law School network printers and configure them to print double-sided. The program will remove any previously installed Law School printers, and will install the following printers (it will not remove your personal printers):
Law-Commons-HPM605 Lower Student Commons
Law-SH-LL-HPM603 South Hall Lower Level
Law-Student-XeroxPrinters * Legal Research Reading Room
Legal Research 1st Floor Alcove
Library Sub-3 Computer Lab
Library Sub-2 Copier Room

Compatible with Windows 7 - 10, Mac OSX 10.10 - macOS 10.13.

* When printing to the Law-Student-XeroxPrinters "Follow-You" printer, nothing will immediately print. Instead, your job(s) will be held on the print server. You will not be charged until you release them from the queue. You can visit any of the four student black & white Xerox printers to release and print your job(s) by entering your printing PIN, or swiping your MCard. This method of printing is more secure, since there is less chance of your document(s) being taken by someone else, which is especially important when printing anything sensitive. You will also be able to visit any of the four student black & white Xerox printers to release your job(s) instead of reprinting when a printer goes offline, and spend less time standing in line during peak traffic.

Printing PIN

Logging in to the printers with your uniqname and a printing number (PIN) is the most reliable way to release your print job(s).  You can set up your own PIN by logging in to the Law School's print quota webpage and clicking Change Details.
Note: PIN numbers must be at least 4 characters.

How to Use Card Readers

If you prefer to login with your MCard to release print jobs, follow this guide to become familiar with the process of swiping your MCard or entering a PIN to release your print jobs on the student Xerox printers. 

Printer Installation Programs

Apple Icon   Mac

Windows Icon   Windows



Computer support specialists on duty in 331 Legal Research and in S-110A Law Library are available to assist you with the printer installation process.

Once the printers are installed, you

  • WILL be able to print from your laptop anywhere in the Law School if you are connected to MWireless or plugged into an Ethernet port

  • WILL NOT be able to print to the Law School printers if you connect to the MGuest network or any other network OUTSIDE of the university

See the Law School printing policy for more information about printing at the Law School.